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The impossibility of Deanna redux.

As we all know, Elly immediately remembered who Deanna Sobinski was when she read the article about her car accident. This touched off Mike's pursuit of her, his amazingly brazen proposal, the Big Fat Fake Wedding and everything else. This is also where things started to get really impossible. After all, she and Mike were casual-at-best acquaintances back in elementary school. They didn't run in the same circles, have the same interests and, unless I'm mistaken, the Pattersons only had the vaguest idea of who she was. This makes Elly's remembrance of her a minor miracle. For her to perform the same feat if she left town before grade school even started is quite simply an impossibility unless she started compiling a list of potential spouses when Mike was in diapers. She doesn't impress me as having that much time to waste; sheets have to be shaved and bathroom floors scrubbed with toothbrushes, after all.
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