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Five is not the new ten.......

aprilp_katje made an interesting point in a comment about the strip that ran on 31 January 2009. She'd mentioned that as a woman in her early sixties looking back on Aaron's childhood, Lynn had a vague recollection of what he was doing when he was five or six and used this as a starting-point for Mike's behavior. She'd went on to say that "about" meant anything that he did from the ages of one to ten was an age-appropriate thing for Mike to do so longing for a fellow preschooler was normal in Lynn's eyes. It had seemed to her that this was the case because Lynn observed that she's doing much the same things now as she did five years ago. She concluded things by reminding us all of a truth that Lynn wants to ignore: it may be true that a 62-year-old isn't much different from a 57-year-old, a five year old is nothing at all like a ten year old. A ten-year-old is far more developed mentally, emotionally and socially than the child Mike is now. With that fact ignored, we can expect to see Lizzie having thoughts and reactions that Mike should be having.
Tags: lynn: failed creator

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