dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The trip to Montreal reconsidered.

It would seem that Lynn has allowed Elly to climb out of the hole she dug herself by pointing out to Connie that Phil, while being a good man and a sincere man, is not a domestic man. Given that Connie is acting like a love-sick child instead of an anxious woman in her thirties who, hearing her biological clock tick away, wonders if she'll end up settling for Mister Right Now, this means that Elly is the creature Lynn painted her as in the Declining Years: the kindly fount of all wisdom. Having dispensed her advice, Elly thinks that she has set Connie on the straight path by convincing her to forget about Phil and focus on Lawrence. As she told Annie in the Strip of Prophecy, all Connie is doing by actively searching for a partner is making herself and everyone else in her life miserable. Too bad for everyone that Connie's odd immaturity will make her do something rash and silly just to prove that the Mom-next-door isn't the boss of her and thus hammer home the lesson Lynn wants us to learn. She'll go down to Montreal and get humiliated just to spite Elly. You'd expect this sort of thing from a sixteen-year-old or something; its appearance in a professional in her earlier thirties is alarming and disgusting.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, phil: bee and bop king

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