January 29th, 2007

Calm Candiru

Elly Patterson: Victimization Junkie.

The problem with the Patterson family stems from it being centered on a dour, stubborn woman who prefers an unrealistic fantasy of domestic bliss to the messy and disappointing real world. She stumbles through life, expecting things and people to conform to her blinkered vision of society. Since people and things are what they are and not what she hopes they'd be, she sets herself up time and again for an easily preventable disaster. Since she won't admit her original assumptions were wrong, she adopts an unwarranted posture of blamelessness, thereby avoiding personal responsibilty for the chaos that surrounds her. Simple as paper, she's acting like a small child bellowing 'It's not my fault.' The frustrated mess also has the irritating need to be the center of attention. This leads her to stand about railing about the injustice of things when her screw-ball delusions go boom. Does she then want to have the problems in her life go away? No sir, she does not. If the complications in her day-to-day life were to vanish, she feels deep down that she'd have no reason to exist. This is why she'd rather make a botch of her life and act like an ugly, snarling fool than live simply and quietly. Just like her creator, Elly will endure any sort of discomfort simply to be noticed. Since both creator and avatar think their sad mental dysfunction is healthy and normal, they assume everybody else seeks out pain and humiliation to feel special. Do they expect pain, though? Judging from the evidence, I'd say no.