March 11th, 2007

Calm Candiru

Gordon: A rare success

Not even the Foobs can fail ALL the time. Sometimes even THEY do the right things for comprehensible reasons. A case in point is Mike's working stiff buddy, Gordon Mayers. When Mike was growing up, he sort of filled the role of goofy sidekick later filled by one J. M. Weeder, Esq. His problems with his father, however, were a lot worse than a disagreement about the value of a dollar, though. He confessed to Michael that his father was an angry, angry man who regularly got drunk and took out his frustrations on his family. Now, as much as you feel for someone in that situation and as much as you'd want to do something ACTIVE to help'em, the best you can do is help get them the hell outta Dodge before something really awful happened and help put them back on their feet. This is pretty much what John did for his son's pal. Before the train fixation and his hormones rotted his brain and morals, he had the decency and sense to start the young man off in life by helping him get a job at a local service station. As we've seen over the years, his investment in human decency has MORE than paid off, having given a troubled young man a good, happy life even the Delicate Scribe would envy in his darker moments. It goes to show if you do things the right way for sane reasons, it ain't gonna blow up in your face. If they'd do stuff like this more often, they'd BE the ideal family Lynn thinks they are.
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