March 13th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

The Pattersons and the BIG question

Now, I've noticed over the years that the Pattersons don't seem to be all that religious. Sure, they attend services on Easter and Christmas but that isn't exactly what you'd call a season pass, is it? I'm not particularly devout myself so I can't complain about their blowing off church the way they do, but something that does bug me is what they've replaced Christianity with; some sort of amorphous animism wherein they get all the breaks from some kind of Groovy Deity. As near as I can figure out, the prevailing belief in the Pattermanse seems to be in some sort of next life which is sort of a contuation of this current one and wherein every stupid action is all good. I'm not quite sure on that because they get kinda VAGUE with the God question, don't they? Well, vague on what they believe, that is. One of the more hateful sequences in Mike'n'Dee's sham wedding six years ago was Mira's realization that the best man, Laurence, was gay. LJ used this to take a woman with her sincere beliefs and confusion and convert her into a cardboard lampoon of the Church Lady from 'Saturday Night Live'. We have no real idea what she ACTUALLY thinks of homosexuals 'cause they stuck a crucifix in her hand as if that explained fucking everything; all we know is that she's trying to be a good Catholic, which sadly exposes her to a level of scorn and disrespect only matched by the philosophy of Gene Roddenberry. LJ sees herself as given the middle finger to the religious nuts 'cause she thinks she's got all the answers. I think that sucks shit 'cause I don't even know the questions.