March 17th, 2007

Calm Candiru

Three generations of Foobs are enough: Meredith and Robin.

After twenty-eight years of watching the appalling and stupid antics of Michael Patterson, it should come as no REAL surprise that the vain nincompoop hasn't the mental capital to be anything other than a complete disaster as a father. What compounds his feckless incapacity is his utter indifference to their well-being. To beat the fossilized remains of a long-dead horse even further, he seems to serve more as a glorified big-brother than a Dad, only paying attention to them when it's fun and convenient. We also know that although Deanna cares for and about her children, she's too busy earning a living and pulling her worthless failure of a husband out of the holes he jumps into to really be there for them. The end result, of course, are two children who really don't know how to behave all that well, because nobody has the time, courage or authority to set boundaries on their behavior. To make matters even WORSE, they've been displaced from their home due to a house fire straight into the waiting arms of the most dull-witted enabler ever to wring her hands and make excuses for stupid behavior: ELLY PATTERSON!!! After all, she never called Michael on his habit of looking at those around him and guessing what he could get away with; she certainly isn't gonna do it NOW! I'm almost glad they're gonna be frozen in time six months from now; I don't want to have to contemplate the atrocities Elly will be sanctifying ten years from now.