March 19th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Elizabeth Patterson; a hottie unaware.

One of the more annoying things in this strip is the number of men ready, willing and able to go apeshit for Elizabeth. This is, of course, because our ingenue is clearly meant to be Venus of Suburbia! Granted, a good-looking woman with a lot of men on the string doing a whole lotta alpha-male bullshit is merely aggravating when she expects it to happen and says so. It's only slighty more so when she bats her eyes and makes a transparently phony declaration of innocence about the carnage surrounding her. The fact that Elizabeth clearly hasn't the blindest idea of the effect she has on the men around her is absofuckinglutely infuriating. She clearly has crippling self-esteem issues if she doesn't see the good-looking woman that inspires all the stupidity around her; instead of focusing on her good features, she obviously sresses over some barely noticeable imperfection and convinces herself she's average-looking, at best. When you combine this with her lack of insight into masculine behavior, you're gonna get a horrifying result. There are two approximate causes to the whole nobody-in-particaular vibe; the first is Mikerobe telling her she's ugly. She's been listening to little shitbird's hateful jackassery for so long; a tiny part of her believes him. He, as nasty as he is, is only a minor part of the problem. The pig's share of the blame can be safely placed on the ample shoulders of Eleanor Patterson, with her unspoken drive to T-bonethe competition. More on that tommorow.