March 23rd, 2007

Calm Candiru

Michael Patterson: Salaryman.

What really bothers me the most about this whole set-up is that it doesn't seem to make sense if you're dealing with members of the Western Civilized World. You don't really find too many people who act or talk like they do anymore and when you do, they're sort of a laughingstock. What makes the 'joke' even more sordid that they plod stupidly on, unaware that the world has not only passed them by but that they're regarded with bemused contempt. There is one place I can think of where they'd not only fit in but be praised for their common sense: JAPAN!! I first got this idea by looking at the antics of the future lead character, Michael. None of his work or home life really makes sense if you think of him as a real Westerner but would be pretty much S.O.P. in Tokyo. A Japanese father is stereotypically supposed to be an emotionally distant glorified big brother who regards his wife as a combination of Mommy and housemaid. Thinking of them as Japanese nationals in disguise also explains why Deanna handles the finances, doesn't it? After all, Daddy hands his paycheck over to Mommy and gets an allowance to carouse on. It even explains his cowardly-seeming departure from Portrait. If you think of him as a good Japanese resigning to protect his beloved subordinates from the consequences of the own failure, he makes a damn sight more sense. I know he sort admires his pal Brian and that Lynn seems to have some sort of fondness for the Japanese, but this is pushing it, isn't it? I wonder who else who would look more sensible if they were interpreted as Children of the Sun Goddess? Any ideas?