March 24th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Unearned comfort: the Foob's holy grail

I don't quite know what came over me yesterday. They don't really make good Japanese at all, because the Japanese have a positive virtue that the Foobs lack; the willingness to endure hardship. A case in point is Michael and his book. We've all complained about how unrealistic his success is and about he should be pointing with pride to his stack of rejection letters and boasting about how long it took to get the silly thing published. Then, of course, we remember that he's a Patterson. One rejection letter and we ALL know he'd quit, all the while whining to MonsterMommy about the unfairness of it all. (Kinda like how the Grievin'WiddaLady reacted to Suds'n'Chipper, huh?) I probably said it before, but I'll say it again; these guys ain't got much in the guts departement, do they? If they realize they gotta put in some kinda EFFORT or SACRIFICE to achieve a desired end instead of having it handed to'em on a silver tray, they ain't interested 'cause they got the warped idea hard work is for suckers. Good things are supposed to spring mysteriously out of the ground or waft in on the breeze instead of being EARNED, or else they aren't really good. If anything, these people are more like citizens of Aldous Huxley's World State; as mindless consumers of goods, they're perfect. When it comes to being members of a society where they're duty bound to GIVE as well as take, in the words of Jon Stewart, "ehhhhhhhh, not so much.'