March 25th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Hooked on ettiquette: See Sistwirp Screw up her love life! Bungle, Lizardbreath, Bungel!

I've probably mentioned this here in passing beforehand, but a big source of the oldest daughter's problems stem directly from an OUT-DATED way of behaving. She seems transfixed by a preoccupation with old-fashioned standards of etiquette that are out of place in these modern times. The biggest and stupidest idea she is that she can't actually come right out and TELL someone what she feels. That, you see, would be what they used to call 'forward'. When the Author was coming up, Proper Young Ladies were supposed to meekly conceal their feelings so as not to angry up their menfolk. They referred to this sort of dishonesty as being 'coy' and 'demure'. However, as much as Lynn dislikes and fears the fact, times and ways have both changed. Instead of being thought of as 'ladylike', people who act like her are called dishonest, dissembling and sadistic. It would have been far better for her if she had stated her intentions with men she liked at the get-go so they wouldn't get their hopes up instead of whining about the collapse of yet another romantic illusion. Besides, bottling up your emotions isn't healthy because eventually you wind up venting them at inapropriate targets, like say, standing in a driveway with an ice-scraper bellowing at people.