April 10th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Upsetting the applecart, Foobville style.

Despite her clear intention otherwise, the artist has managed to paint a clear picture of a family in crisis. Over the last few years, we've been made to bear witness to a parade of smugness, self-delusion and hypocrisy. Now, given all that we know, you'd assume that sooner or later the whole rotten edifice would come crashing down of its own accord. Sadly, nasty situations like that tend to persist for quite a long time because those involved feel societal pressure to maintain their illusions. Worse, they tend to recruit others to become party to their madness. We've all known 'THAT' family, haven't we? The only way that things would change substantively is by means of external influence. What I of course mean is that someone who doesn't know the ground rules might come in and wreak havoc on their happy little world of bullshit. Say, for instance, a preschool teacher who sees Merrie acting out and suspects abuse or neglect. The upshot of that is obvious: the Magic Writing Fairy would be racing around with a bulls-eye glued to his forehead. Watching them scramble around trying to pull him outta that hole would be entertaining as well as eductional, don't'cha think?