April 12th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Applecart 3: Mira's Revenge.

If you think the Patterson family (with the notable exception of TrainMan, who's too stupid to know his arse from his elbow) are upset with the current living conditions, I can think of someone who's bloody well infuriated: Mira Sobinski. As far as she can see, her smug, selfish, idiotic ne'er-do-well son-in-law is too comfortable at his Mom's place to even consider doing right by her little girl and poor little grandkids, let alone the reast of his family. The knowledge that he'd quit a high-paying job in a cowardly, immature fashion because he was actually asked to make a decision might just have spurred her into action. In the real world, somebody might actually DO something about Mikey besides gaze in wonder at his alleged brilliance and drag himkicking and screaming to the adult world. Let's suppose she makes an anonymous call to social services about the little kids at the Pattermanse. Whaddaya suppose a social worker would see and what she'd have to say about it? Like I said Tuesday, Mikey would be in for a mighty BUMPY ride.