June 20th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Becky's career : Dead and getting deader.

It seems obvious to me now that Lynn plans to have Becky blurt out something derogatory about the Special Needs students the Telethon of Tedium is somehow meant to benefit. I can readily imagine why this might happen in the real world. You can't help but notice that she shows all the hallmarks of being an ordinary mortal nowadays. The bright, shiny hopes she had for her future in the music industry have pretty much been dashed, you see. The entourage and screeching fans vanished along with her oh-so-fleeting fame. Such is the fate of the just-add-water celebrity. Nowadays, she's been reduced to playing any gig she can in the vain hope of kick-starting a career that got put up on blocks long ago. She might, out of sheer frustration, say something hateful she doesn't really mean and, by some coincidence, be seen and heard to say it by a mass audience. You and I might try to give the child the benefit of the doubt but you can be damn sure the April Pattersons of this world will NOT. Trying to appeal to sweet reason marks us as a bunch of picky-faces in her eyes as she storms away from ex-bandmates to try to get her to do the same. We can look forward to an indeterminate future wherein April becomes an inept interlocutor for the disadvantaged while her arch-rival twists sloooooooooooooooowly in the wind.