July 2nd, 2007

Calm Candiru

The Lovepocalypse: Liz bows out....

As we know, Mike and his eternally young family are gonna be the focus of the hybrid when it's unleashed this autumn. These last few months of original material before the freeze are designed to close up the story arcs of the former central characters so they can take their place as glorified walk-ons whose purpose is to wander into the Pattermanse and intro old material focusing on them. To that end, Lynn clearly proposes marrying off Liz to Anthony so she can become a no-name brand version of Elly and help Nostache raise his hate-spawned daughter. This serves two purposes. First, it provides the necessary closure on her saga. Second, it prevents her from outshining Mike and Deanna. Not only is she married to someone who can't ever be more successful than Almighty Goldensprog, she's only Françoise's step-mother and thus inferior to Deanna who has real children of her own instead of being stuck with an evil business woman's second-hand brat. Also, nothing can change so Liz can never have kids of her own and outclass Mike and Dee that way. After all, she deserves it for trying to steal attention away from Mike, right;)