July 5th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

The Housening: John and Elly's last hurrah....

Now that Elizabeth's story arc is coming to whatever sort of resolution can best fit into the hybrid format and April has been more or less reduced to a glorified walk-on, it's the turn of the original central characters to be reduced to a secondary status. Their move from the home Mike and other others grew up in to the smaller Stibbs house is more or less iconic of their second banana status, as is Michael's ownership of the larger dwelling. The fact that Michael mentioned all the photo albums Elly left behind foreshadows the way things will work after the hybrid starts: Mike looking at a snapshot and telling his audience the story associated with it. AS for the issue of the furniture and Deanna's seeming refusal to part with it, there are three explanations. First, she might see them as a welcoming sight after the trauma of the fire and keep them because they make her feel comfortable. Second, she may think she somehow owes Elly and wants to keep her beloved furniture in the house it belongs to. Third, and most likely, she just plain likes old furniture.