July 7th, 2007

Calm Candiru

Elly and April : Failure to attach.

You can't read this for as long as I have and fail to notice something: Elly doesn't seem to particularly care for April. It's like she only has enough love in her heart for TWO children. She'll go that extra mile for Mike, no problem. After all, not only did she help him with his Mighty Tome of Glurge by making it even glurgier, she opened her home to him in his hour of 'need'. Hell, she even gave it to him. Liz is worthy of receiving her sage advice about twoo wuv: 'Wait till Anthony comes to his senses and dumps the EEEEvil career woman and move in for the kill unless it takes longer than a year or two. Then, you can actively break up his marriage.' April, on the other hand, seems always to have fought for Mother's begrudgingly given affections. Always and ever, the fact that April has needs to must be met come as something of a shock to our current protagonist. The sad fact is that April is the victim of her mother's mental rigidity. As far as Elly was concerned, she'd had her two children and motherhood was supposed to be a thing of the past. All the poor girl is to the potato-nosed dullard is a vast inconvenience. What's more, she's managed to convince most of the rest of the family to more or less ignore her in the hopes that she'll go away and she can have her Perfect Family. Deanna's plan to to adopt her, bizarre and opportunistic as it may be, seems almost like a godsend. Becoming a family retainer would mean she'd still be part of their lives, wouldn't it?