July 11th, 2007

Angry Candiru

How stupid is Elly, anyway?

It occurs to me from today's strip that not only does Elly not really give a shit about her kid, she's also a complete and total simpleton. Let's say you were in the situation she was in last January: your son and his family were displaced after a housefire. Would you let him freeload so long that letting him take your house away from you seemed like a good idea? I know I wouldn't because I'm not an idiot! If I pulled a Sam Beckett and 'lept' into Elly's ample frame, Mike and his family would've been in a new apartment by Saint Valentine's day. Would you champion a guy you knew made an unusally disgusting pass after she nearly got raped? If you had a double-digit IQ, maybe. The whole move might have gone a lot smoother if she had the brains to notice April felt shortchanged BEFORE they started packing.