July 22nd, 2007

Calm Candiru

A child's eyes or Farley's death, but without the drama.

There've been a lot of small children walking around the strip this week, haven't there? You can't help but wonder how they'll see events that occur around them when they're older. Speaking from experience, this is about the age children are when the world really starts coming into focus around them. I remember when I was six trying TO remember something that happened when I was three and not being able to. It was all really a blur back then, a jumble of sounds and places, things and faces without any rhyme or reason. The preschoolers of the Foobiverse are pretty much at that stage of development right now, so their idea of their family's past is gonna be colored by their own personal experience. April was roughly that age when Farley passed on, wasn't she? Let's assume, for an instant, that Elly had noticed April open the back gate and had John bolt that sucker tight. That woulda made things a lot different, wouldn't it? She'd've still blown the kid off for a bit only to be interrupted minutes later. Reason? April standing there screaming like a banshee 'cause her escape route had been cut off. That would've made for a lousy afternoon for everyone but Farley would've been there the next few mornings. One fine morning a couple of days later, April would still be sulking and want to bask in the comforting presence of good ol'Farley only to find him not willing to play. Elly's morning cup of joe would be interrupted by her youngest daughter telling her that Farley wasn't moving or breathing or anything. The next few days would've been spent trying to tapdance around the fact that Farley died in his sleep. Sooner or later though , her curiosity about the dog would have blown over, just like her anger at no longer being able to come and go as she pleased would have. The only reason she remembers Farley at all well is because of her close call all those years ago. If he'd have simply drifted off peacefully in his sleep, all she'd have are vague memories of a larger version of her dog Edgar. She'd also have a different life goal in mind, too, because she wouldn't feel guilty about 'killing' her furry rescuer.