July 23rd, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

The curious case of Therese Caine.

Here's something that's always sort of troubled me: as far as I know, Anthony seems to be raising his daughter by himself. We don't really see too much input from his ex-wife nor from his own family. As I recall, Therese worked (and for all I know, STILL works) for Anthony's dad. Mister Caine insisted the two get married because he didn't really approve of pre-marital sex any more than most of the people in this strip do. This raises a red flag in my mind because I do not know what the rest of the Caine family think of Anthony and his situation. For all we know, they could be taking Therese's side in this. After all, we don't know what they think of Liz either, because the only sources of information we have are, to say the least, biased. They KNOW she has an odd effect on the man's behavior but may not realize that she didn't deliverately seek out to destroy his marriage. They might think that the guy let a good thing slip right through his fingers so he could chase after the shallow little nitwit he had a tepid pseudo-relationship with in high school. We don't know what they think because he won't tell us. This may mean that Liz not only has to deal with members of Therese's family who think they can do a bet job of raising Françoise than she could; she may also have to contend with the active hostility of the Caine family who may not want their grandchild subjected to her less-than-welcome presence. After all, why should Liz profit from the misery she helped create?