July 25th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

The One-Sided Vendetta, a proud part of the Patterson way of life.

Now, I know that Lynn will somehow retcon me into being wrong, but for now, right now, it looks as if April's grudge against Becky is not, as I've said before, reciprocated. On the one hand, we have April, who hates and fears Becky for one simple reason: her irrational and (currently) unsupported fear that her former friend will use her looks and talent to run roughshod over her. Everything that Becky has done since puberty is viewed through the lens of April's fears and feelings of inadequacy, thereby redoubling and reinforcing both negative traits in our protagonist's mind. Becky, as far as I know, has no idea whatsoever how deeply April hates her, how her every move is perceived as a dire and loathsome threat to her well-being. Until Lynn decrees otherwise, as far as she knows April is a friend who's just taking her sweet time getting over her leaving the band, not someone who thinks she's spending every waking minute plotting how to destroy her life. Then again, April's siblings fear and hate people who barely remember they exist (Hi, there, Mel and Winnie! and Bonjour to you, Therese!), so at least she has something in common with them.