July 30th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

The cost of clannishness: the disappearance of dignity.

We all had a good little chuckle at John's expense yesterday, didn't we? He goes through all that effort to stampede his family into moving to the Tiny Train House so he can build his pathetic waste of time and money model train layout, he puts it together and no one cares. No one. Not his wife. Not his children. Not even the handful of people who'll still give him the time of day. You'd think the other model railroad hobbyists would be hovering in the background admiring his handiwork but no, they aren't there either. For some reason or other, John thinks he's transcended the constructiove crticism of his peers and has long ago left the club. Once the laughter dies down, we begin to feel something for him. Sympathy? Not after he's screwed his family over for his own petty ambitions. Mild disgust is far closer to what we should feel. What we have is not a hobbyist showing off his handiwork to appreciative friends but a loser who's pissed his life away on an inane folly.