October 2nd, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Undoing John: Elizabeth and Anthony........

As we've seen, there's no one in the strip who resembles John more than Anthony. That's his main selling point in Elly's eyes, as a matter of fact. In a divorce proceeding, however, that would instantly change to a liability as the woman who used to praise him to the skies turned around and told her daughter to steer clear of him, how he chewed Therese up and spat her out, how he'll do the same to her. John, on the other hand, will proceed as normal. Simply put, a third party's marriage becomes a point of contention for the family. For those who'd support John, Anthony is the same dependable guy he was before things got started while Elly's people would regard him as a heel based on the same evidence. I can even see a friendship between Elly and Therese start to blossom as ill-used wives got together and numbered their slights.