October 3rd, 2007

Angry Candiru

Elegy for fallen Chin-nuts....

Now that it seems that Jim will die soon, let's remind ourselves that his family are almost all of them self-absorbed jerks who never had time for him. I, myself, expect that Iris will somehow be blamed for all of this mess, for Jim dying without family hovering around when we know that it's on them. I also expect her to agree. The reason that disgusts me is that she's a victim of her raising, her belief system. I have the awful suspicion that she was raised to suppress herself, to defer to an authority figure, to not speak out unless spoken to and it's made her life a mess. Sadly, no one, not even she herself, will accept that fact as the exculpation it is. Not the Pattersons, not a court of law, not her family, no one. She just can't call for help on her own, she needs to have someone around to tell her what to do which is why she should not have been made primary caregiver. Not that Jim's 'loving' family would know that. They can't be bothered with him because they wrote him off. Not that they'll admit that. They'll whine about how much they cared, how the time was never right. What makes this the worst thing possible is that people will cut them slack because they're 'coping with loss'. No one who isn't me wants to think that other people are simply insincerely milking sympathy for all it's worth and cut the Foobs a break.