October 12th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Trading places: Elly and Connie's mutual envy..

Today's hybridized look at Connie and her endless chain of disappointing experiences trying to find a good husband, thus gaining the security she craved, takes all safely back to the key tension of the early years of the strip: Elly's deep-seated discomfort with the role of wife and mother. She may have wanted to marry early to piss off her parents but soon grew tired with her lame-ass, obnoxious, macho idiot pig husband, stupefyingly boring day-to-day life and preternaturally demanding children and said so. What's more, she envied Connie the free and easy life she thought her friend had, one without some jerk husband screwing things up, not to mention having a real job that allowed her to contribute to society. She, being full of herself and crap in no particular order, brushed off Ms. Poirier's genuine dismay at the prospect of life without the emotional support a husband would give her, freedom from being sole provider, the desire for time with her son not to mention having a father for him as her misguided attempts to appease the patriarchy. After all, John is a twit but Elly never really knew she could do a lot worse. As the years went on, though, Sheet Shaver started thinking it was too late to make a break for it and, as I mentioned, started making her children live parts of the life she wanted to. What's more, she subconsciously punished them for trapping her in suburbia with JSTF by programming them to love the lifestyle she still secretly hates. Her reasoning may be that if she has to be stuck with a JSTF in a Levitttown, so do her children.