November 28th, 2007

Disgusted Candiru

Gratitude and other absent social graces.....

Since, as I've said, the Pattersons are a fairly anti-social lot, it should come as no real surprise that they don't have very good manners. I know I've mentioned on this forum before but wasn't exactly clear as to the cause. The first thing you gotta notice is that they weren't specifically told how to act in public. That's because Elly didn't think she had to bother. She knew the basic rules of ettiquette and blithely assumed that her children did because she never quite realized that othe people don't have her understanding of the world. Any other person on the planet would realize that they had to be shown how to behave, to learn how to say 'Please', 'Thank you', 'My name is April Patterson, what's your's?', 'Allow me to introduce Warren Blackwood' and so on on and so forth. Elly didn't so her kids end up looking like goofs in a social setting. You also have to factor in their issues with entitlement. If you do something nice for a Patterson with the expectation of thanks, you're not gonna get too far. Given that they think the minor kindnesses are their due, you'd be answered with a surly variation on 'Whaddaya want? A MEDAL?' The only reason that people don't spurn them like rabid dogs is that money can, if not buy, at the very least rent friends. If those jerks weren't raking in cash hand over fist, they'd be nobodies.