December 5th, 2007

Disgusted Candiru

Françoise and the Five Train-Men of the Settlepocalypse....

The problem with trying to make Françoise a part of the Patterson's lives is mostly that she'll be forced to adapt to five character tendencies that they all share: an inability to realize what others want of them, a default negatvity that leads them to assume the worst in any situation, the bizarre belief that their idea of the true, good and beautiful is divinely inspired and thus must be shoved down people's throats, a crippling inertia that leads them to rely on miracles and dumb luck and the refusal to accept blame for their selfish actions. This is why Liz thinks that if she just stands there pouting long enough, Françoise will simply get the picture and realize that she's supposed to treat the Great White Goof as if she were her real mother. Also, Anthony is expected to browbeat her into compliance but Liz refuses to see that, just like she refuses to see that she's borrowing trouble from the future. Another catastrophe they're willing into existence is the dreaded return of Thérèse. Their inability to deal with the real world in a realistic, honest fashion will, of course, make Françoise into an enemy when they could have simply welcomed her into their lives. This means that she'll seek out people who won't berate or belittle her for trying to stand up for herself which will inevitably lead to their confrontation with Thérèse and her family who will seek, at the very least, an explanation for the conspiracy hatched against her. Simply put, Elly and the Patterson's refusal to recognize that their wishes do not take precedence over the happiness of other people will come back to destroy them. The business partners and lackeys they miscall friends will, of course, betray them to save themselves, leaving the king fish rats holding the bag.