December 11th, 2007

Snarky Candiru2

Lynn's foresight is 20/20, it's hindsight that she has trouble with....

As howtheduck said in his blog, Lynn has distinct trouble explaining why a character would do what she decided he or she would do. The most glaring example is Liz's warning-free decision to leave Mtigwaki and take her chances back home. The Author may have claimed that Liz was really homesick all along but her last few days sure didn't gave that impression. It seemed almost as if she were being forced to leave a place she loved and was trying to let people down easy. It's, as howtheduck said, only when Lynn gives us a hint that something's going to happen that she doesn't make jarring lurches in characterization like that.

Over the last few years, we've seen the following predictions made:

- Mel Kelpfroth would somehow start an apartment fire that would leave Mike and family safe but homeless.

- John would buy the TTH and sell Michael the Pattermanse.

- Michael would resign from his job at Portrait magazine because of the stress.

- April would abandon music to focus on her studies.

and all of them have come to pass. There are two more prophecies in the pipeline that have yet to be fulfilled, though. The first was one we've seen coming for years: Liz and Anthony will settle down and have what Lynn thinks is a happy instant family. The second is one we've just been alerted to: given that Francie was feeling her away to her room and that she can smell rather than see legs, we can foresee her needing to get glasses for a previously undiagonsed case of myopia. All we need is for Liz to be the one who realizes this and the second prediction will make the first happen.