December 20th, 2007

Lady Candiru 2

House of Distractions.....

Remember last year, we were told that Jim and Iris were gently told to not show up at the Pattermanse for Christmas because of the chaos engendered by having too many people under one roof? It occurs to me that Jim is being ignored in his time of need because the family focuses on non-issues instead of what's important. We've seen it happen before. Elly's career as a mother is based on her either being in a blind panic about things that never seem to occur, smugly thinking nothing is wrong when disaster is about to strike or ranting about something she doesn't understand. Nothing I've seen in the last twenty-eight years leads me to believe that she knows what's important. Add into things a husband so self-absorbed, he's in his own little world and you quickly realize that these people waste their time on the trivial and silly. There were two non-events that monopolized the Pattersons' time to the exclusion of the more obvious priority of caring for Grampa Jim:

1) The Housening. It seems to me and to a lot of people that it would have taken a matter of weeks to find Mike, Deanna and their kids an acceptable hoooooooooome, no matter how pooooooor they were. Instead, they hung around like a bad smell so Deanna and John could manipulate everyone into the domestic arrangement that suited them. All it took was making April feel like a piece of crap but in an odd way, they did her a good turn. She can't really rely on having the 'rents look out for her after she hits eighteen because they'll be barely getting by themselves because they're stupid with their money.

2) The Settlepocalypse. The time not spent worrying about overcrowding and who was going to have to give up what was wasted stressing on Liz and her pointless issues. Fretting about her and her fellow obsessive and the havoc they wreak on the world seems to me to be an exercise in futility. Like it or not, people like her and Awfulny just seem to get stuck with one another and there's little we can do about it.

What makes things worse is that it could be that this was done deliberately in order to not have to face things. Elly, you see, fears being dependent on other people. Her idea of horror is being in the position her dad is in now. If she avoids him, shuts him out of her heart, she can pretend that it might not happen to her.