March 25th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

The Train Man and the Settlepocalypse.

I think we can all safely agree that John's sense of what's right and wrong is based on what's most convenient for him. We've seen twenty-eight and a half years of him moping and bitching because he was being asked to inconvenience himself by doing something that took hard, continuous effort on his part. His refusal to budge on Elly's working outside the home, his running off in panic when confront with a five-year-old who was afraid she was being abandoned a year after she damned near drowned, his refusal to consider that the same child's later fears about the Housening were inspired by anything other than hormones, to say nothing of his wife's anger at his stupid behavvior being a result of the same thing are all a result of the fact that he wants to do what's easiest for him and everyone else better get on board. In his lazy, self-justifying mind, there cannot, or more properly, should not be a legitimate hindrance on or objection to his antics. This is why he loves Anthony so much. Seeing his daughter, whose marriage is of little import in the first place since she can't carry his name into the future, marry someone so similar to him is mission-critical because if he has the pasty-faced little jerkwad as a son-in-law, he doesn't have to listen to that nasty little voice in his head that keeps telling him what a choad he is. That's because he can see a copy of himself and trick himself into believing he isn't an abberation.