March 27th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

The follies of the living, the concern for the dead...

What struck me as odd is that Liz was pleading for her grandmother's spirit for permission to wear the Miracle Dress. Why is it that the only person whose good opinion she'd want is dead? This is a woman who's selecting her bridesmaids based on how much she wants to avenge herself upon them. We've seen her smack down her picky-face sister as a reminder not to make her feel bad. We've seen that the reason the word love was never mentioned in the Fauxposal was that neither person loves one another. He wants a wife around to make his house a hoooooome. She wants a husband so she can prove that she's arrived as a member of 1950s society. Caring for or about one another is strictly unnecessary. She regards her parents' bliss as a pleasant bonus, not a necessity. Her living grandfather is, to her, a moribund irrelevance. And, to cap things of, by settling for Awfulny, she's telling herself she's not good enough to know what love is. Why the out-of-nowhere concern for her grandmother? I'd saye that she was the only person who ever made her feel good about the person in the mirror. Everyone else added to her innate feelings of inadequacy so they don't count.