March 29th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Anthony, Therese and Jim.

One thing that I wonder about from time to time is what Jim really thinks of Anthony. He, like most people Elly encounters, has been subjected to a barrage of nonsense about how funny, smart and charming he's supposed to be. On the rare occasions that he's met the man, he sees how off-base his daughter is. He probably chuckles to himself about how she said much the same thing about John and how poor a judge of character she is. He probably thinks that Elly is shoving them together because she can't or won't see how big a failure the guy is. I should also expect that he'd have asked pointed questions about the man's first marriage. The huffy, self-righteous, "You-can't-blame-me" attitude we'd no doubt have seen every time Therese was mentioned is too much like the one April copped when he called her on treating Becky like a traitor because she didn't realize that she was "supposed" to do what she was told. He'd quickly realize that his family was demonizing this woman because she got in the way of what they wanted. He also knows Elly well enough that she won't see how bad an idea this is until she has proof that even she cannot deny. He knows he won't live to see it but sooner, rather than later, the Pattersaints will be forced to see how they've embraced another devil to their bosom.