March 31st, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Connie Poirier: Fake Feminist

It is an established fact that while Lynn has profited from the advances feminists have brought the world, she has no real patience with their ideals. She pays lip service to the new way of doing things but, deep down, prefers the old ways. The part of her that thinks like this has an avatar within the world of the strip: Connie. Although she spent the first few years of the strip acting as if Elly were wasting her life being a housewife, she always gave away hints that she'd trade places with her in a Milborough minute. Her obsession with having a child in wedlock and her dread of not having 'real' grandchildren of any sort, not to mention her wanting to host a Kitsch Abomination Wedding of her own all indicate that she's simply mouthing rhetoric she doesn't actually mean to antagonize her dead, tradtion-bound parents. She regards herself as a tragic victim of an unkind fate because her son can't get married in approved, white-bread fashion and she cannot hold giving birth to anyone over their heads as a means of controlling them. To a real feminist, these would be imaginary disaster. To a fraud, they're all too real.