April 21st, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

April versus music: An explanation.

It seems obvious that April shares the family's belief about music in general: it's a hobby, not a life. Phil can teach music so that his students can entertain themselves but he cannot seriously tour because that would interfere with domestic life. The strange things is that she, despite having been in a band, does not greet the notion of the musical life with the same low-key lack of interest her family does. Where her parents and siblings shrug and say "That sort of life's not for me" and go on to talk about things that matter to them, she has a hate-on for those who devote their lives to music. Like most of her opinions, it's probably the result of her drawing a lesson from her traumatic childhood. Just as she wants to be a vet because she feels she owes a debt to Farley's memory, she hates touring musicians because she thinks she's avenging Jeremy Jones. This is because she "found out" that he wanted to beat the crap out of her because he was mad at his father for leaving him to become a professional musician. Since his mother and everyone she knew agreed with that excuse, she made a transparent attempt to deflect blame into her truth. When I first saw that in print, I knew that the strip was starting to tank because Lynn had dropped her first anvil. Watching everyone simper "He's not a bad person because he's a bad person; his daddy plays mouth organ!" was the first hint that Lynn was running out of ideas. If this stupid, silly and contrived moral is the one that appears, it will confirm my worst fears about the strip.