June 13th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Selective Obliviousness: the motive behind the declaration

The real reason Lynn gave we who critcize the middle finger on 11 June 2008 is simple: she wishes to ignore certain facts. The business about her being pressed for time is the most ridiculous of her pleas for tolerance because we know damned well that she's wasted most of it on trivialities and revisionist history. She, however, doesn't or, more likely, won't see redundant series of strips wherein A tells B about a key plot point on the first day, B tells C the next and so on could be better handled by having A telling B, C and the other relevant letters of the alphabet on the one day and then moving on to some other important thing the next. The horrible thing is that Lynn usaed to be able to do that no problem. Either she's lost the ability to do that or she's spoonfeeding imbeciles. As for distorting the past to conform with the anxieties and hatreds of the present, that's just plain stupid and wrong. As for Anthony and why we're supposed to bow down and worship him, she's got all the good qualities that might help us see that he is indeed The One locked up in her skull; it doesn't seem to have occured to her that said noble tendencies have to appear on a newspaper page instead of a thick, damned book or website. She's allowed herself that luxury because her fanbase are ignorant of a basic convention of fiction: "What you see is what you get." Her loyal fans won't accept that all we can know about these people is what we see them do. Sure, there's such a thing as fanon wherin Anthony can be all Twelve Apostles but that has nothing at all to do with what we actually read. In short, she's gotten sloppy because she's eager for praise from ignorant jerks and is too wrapped up in herself to admit she's in the wrong.