July 7th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Anthony: Did you ever see a lie walking?

As Shaenon Garrity mentioned in her essay "Why I hate Anthony", most of the things Elly believes about him are bullshit. He hasn't aged well at all, he isn't funny, smart, ambitious or especially nice. If things were to go on now as they have in the past, we could expect him to plod along doing much the same job he's done since high school all the while moaning about how everyone but him is going places. Things, however, are not going to go on as they have been. Despite what Lynn might believe, the market for hovercars is about to take a sharp downturn leaving Gordon with used cars almost no one will buy. As the age of peak oil comes upon us, the suburban dream itself is increasingly at risk meaning that, as an anonymous poster said, few people will go to a gas station/car dealership for cinnabuns and coffee. As the need to survive grows, Gordon will have to start jettisoning sidelines and people that aren't necessary. This, despite what John or Elly might think, means that he'll have to downsize Anthony. Not even their angry bleating about the grandkids he would leave without a means of support would save the man as Gordo has long since grown tired of the Patterson's attempts to own his horses. Using their daughter as a Trojan horse to disallow changes they don't like would be the last straw.