August 12th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

The Reload and Farley

It occurs to me that even Lynn realizes that beginning the reload at the very first strip is an absurdity. After all, the last year has been been loaded with examples of the first year of the strip so repeating material too closely might start to make her fans wonder why they're seeing the same strips over and over again. Her recent interview in which she boasts about the imminent "resurrection" of Farley tells me that she might have a different starting point in mind when the time freeze takes effect. Instead of watching the Pattersons buy a mattress of Liz's bed, we'll be seeing Elly and Connie yapping about how John and Mike's desire to get a pet dog is a means of chaining her to the house. The instinct to demonize Rod and Aaron by proxy is still there, it'll simply have a furrier expression.