September 5th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thirty seconds into the past..

Lynn's favorite complaint of late is tat she only has a limited time to tell the story so she needs a lot of strips to explain things to her readers. This is an admission that she's writing to please people who really have trouble figuring things out; her ideal reader actually seems to need a week's worth strips to get a point that everyone else would see in a panel. You'd think that with the new-runs things would change but you'd be wrong. So far, we're spending a week learning that Mike has a pet fish that he finds boring. The Lynn of the eighties would knock that off in two strips and then go on to vent her frustrations about her jackass husband. The Lynn we have now has to spend a week on it and resurrect that annoying quirk of drawing people with double eyebrows.