October 11th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Ted in the New Order.....

As we all know, Lynn has no real idea how mens' minds actually work. This is about to be hammered home by next week's story arc in which John is presented with a choice: hire a more-qualified but plain-looking hygienist or a less-qualified woman who is more attractive. We both know that here's a huge row because he chooses the latter. This feeds in to Elly's paranoia about the unlikely prospect of his cheating on her with a prettier woman as a prelude to getting a divorce. We both know that neither thing will happen. John clearly likes looking at pretty women but he does nothing because they intimidate him. We also know that Ted has always counseled him to step up and be a man; this, in Lynn's fear-filled mind, means betray his wife. We know that your average shmo who got himself into this sort of stupid fix would try to somehow make it up to his wife and tell his Momma's boy buddy to eat it; John, not being a real man but instead what Lynn THINKS a man is, gets all huffy and makes a joking attempt at halfway agreeing with a pathetic buffoon who's too stupid to realize that the reason his mother tells him all those girls were wrong for him is because she wants him all to herself.