October 12th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

John Patterson: The man who can do no right.

As you know, we're about to be subjected to the new-run version of the sequence in which John hies a replacement for his departing hygienist Marie. We started off with his acting as if he was miffed that his needs to keep her around were trumped by her silly and irrational need to value her marriage instead of her paycheck. We next see him try to wriggle off the hook when he makes the foolish decision to choose a replacement based on looks alone. In the old days, he stupidly says that somebody has to hire pretty incompetents when Elly calls him on it. Now that Lynn's suspicion that Rod was cheating on her has been confirmed, he'll be even more self-righteously stupid and inconsiderate. At least beforehand, he was very ineptly trying to demonstrate that he knew he should smooth things over with the only provider of sex he'll ever have. Now, we'll be 'told' that he's selecting a mistress. As aprilp_katje and others have said, Lynn played her hand by using a new-run to introduce it. In the old version, John tells Ted that after all he's done for her, she's leaving him. As Ted gets ready to commiserate with his pal because his marriage broke up, he's gobsmacked when he hears that John's receptionist quit. We had no pompous ranting because Doctor Stupid thought he owned the woman and no smug bullflop from Momma's boy. We had two human beings acting fairly respectably. Lynn decided to new-and-improve it by making them into what she thinks men are: jerks who sit around in a smoke-filled room and decide how they'll mistreat women. RetJohn doesn't stand chance one of surviving the week with his good name intact.