October 17th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

John Patterson: Underminer

It seems to he that Lynn will have no real problem exacting her vengeance on Rod in the strip. All she needs to do is add new-runs that show John being John and she'll get her kicks making him out to be a monster. This is because John's sense of 'humor' is based on cruelty towards and contempt of Elly. Her appearance, her skills as a wife and mother, her aspirations for an identity that wasn't totally dependent on him were are cruelly mocked at each and every opportunity so he could remind her that she should be grateful that he married her. The vicious freak's argument, such as it was, was that no one else would have. Elly's refusal to leave him, her need to shove Liz down the path of marriage to a selfish douche with the need to control people, is not the triumph of true love that Lynn thinks it is. It's the triumph of Stockholm Syndrome. We've spent the last three decades watching a weakling whose insecurities, moral idiocy and selfishness made him destroy everything interesting about his wife because he could not accept a woman as his equal; he had to tear her down to have her in a position that didn't threaten his own weak self-image.