October 19th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Farley: Dog of Unfortunate Implications

As we all know, the upcoming children's book has Farley wandering the neighborhood sniffing out things that would seem edible to a dog and wolfing them down before returning home to the nitwit owners trying to find him. It would seem to me that the pay-off is that they don't know why he won't eat. aprilp_katje pointed out that this is similar to a story arc in which his eating habits were front and center. He'd developed a case of gastritis from being allowed to wander around and eat garbage. The veterinarian told the Pattersons to secure the gate so he wouldn't be tempted to roam around. Unfortunately, they didn't follow orders because that would require an attention to detail they just didn't have. The irresponsible nincompoops left that 'pointless' task to Deanna when she took over the Pattermanse years later. You'd think that his impregnating Connie's dog because April let him out would clue them in but it didn't. Hell, she damn near drowned and they still didn't. Remembering all that is why I personally hate the idea of the book. It stirs up too many bad memories of Pattersons being idiots. Sadly, the people who want to buy the book have never read those strips and think Farley was more important than he actually was. The only reason he became famous is his death; their helping Lynn cash in on a character she destroyed is as off-putting as the material she cribbed the book from.