October 23rd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

The dictatorshop of boredom: the real cost....

Asyou could probably have guessed, there's only one reason that the syndicate is backing the new-runs: they have Lynn's name attached to them. If someone were to come in and pitch a strip like the one we've seen, they'd probably be rejected because there are so many bland dom-coms out there. Like us, they yearn for the day that Lynn switches over to straight reprints; that way, they can make the business decision howtheduck predicted and offer Foob at a lower rate than they used to. Lynn will et the circulation number back but she won't get as much money as she used to. This tells me that she'll probably turn out more children's books just to keep herself in the life-style she's gotten used to. Ah, well. She made her choice and has to live with it; too bad se'll rail about the injustice of it all.