October 26th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Don't laugh, Clown, Don't Laugh........

It sometimes occurs to me that Elly has a sense of humor that she won't indulge. If this is the case, her willing herself to not see how ridiculous some of the things she works herself up about makes her situation worse. She'd have had a lot easier time if she didn't take herself so seriously because she'd see that things her fears turned into looming menaces were nothing to loose sleep over so it's sort of sad that she pretty much wrecked her life becoming a rock colossus of gravity. The reason she doesn't chuckle at things is that she's afraid; afraid that if she laughs just once, she won't be taken seriously ever again. In her mind, authority figures aren't allowed the freedom to laugh that their subjects are. This, of course, has delivered unto the world three idiots who also worry needlessly about stuff that doesn't matter while ignoring important things. After all, if you go out of your way to sweat the small stuff, you'll miss the big stuff every time.