October 27th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Farley, Harbinger of straight reprints.....

In her latest Coffee Talk, Lynn alluded to a time in the near future in which she'd stop doing new0runs altogether. She'd mentioned that that would occur when the story was strong enough on its own that she could make the changeover without doing any great violence to the notion that she'd divorced the Pattersons from existing in a set time. What she probably really means is that when she's done getting the story up to the end of the fourth collection, she'll quit doing new-runs almost cold turkey. This tells me that we are in for a future in which she only does one or two new strips a year if she does anything at all besides alter clothing styles and cultural references. Now that she's about to re-introduce Farley, it seems likely that all she needs to do is show us how Mira's evil ambitions got in the way of Twoo Wuv and she can get paid for doing nothing.