October 30th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

After Farley, the Dee-luge.....

Now that Lynn has reintroduced Farley, it seems that she'll have to come up with some other plot point that needs to be fleshed out for us. One of her favorite things that she feels the need to explore in depth is the 'tragic' separation of Mike from his Twoo Wuv, Deanna. This does have a useful purpose from our perspective; even though she wasn't an important part of the Pattersons' lives yet, she eventually became a key player in the strip. Fleshing out her backstory in the thirty-second universe would help the loyal reader understand who the woman in the awful bowl cut is and why she lets her in-laws treat her mom like an out-law. It also lets Lynn indulge in her least lovely character trait: self-flagellation. She seems to be fairly conflicted about being a high-powered woman in "Man's" world so women who achieve their ambitions for themselves are almost always depicted in a negative light. This, of course, means that Mira, who only existed as a vague shape on the horizon back in the 1980s, will loom like a stormcloud in the new-run era.