November 29th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

The naming hat......

In one of the more recent editions of Coffee Talk, Lynn talked about how she decided on the names for her characters. She talked about how she named her avatar after a friend who'd passed away, how the rest of the Patterson family were given the middle names of the Johndtons as first names and how the more important secondary characters were given the names of people she'd met. She then made reference to picking the names of the rest of the characters out of a hat. This hat must have been loaded with nonsense syllables because, over the years, we've been subjected to silly names like "Feggmutz", "Snelgrot", "Luggsworth", "Krelbutz", "Gluttson" and "Kelpfroth". Lynn seems to think that she's Charles Dickens (or a staff writer for Mad Magazine) and can come up with names that match the character. Too bad that nobody but her can associate the name Kelpfroth with 'child-hating boor' or 'Krelbutz' with 'thieving liar'. As has been said, she'd have been better off using a different item to pick her names: the White Pages. That way, Mike would have been picked on by Brad Jenkins, had Mel and Winnie Cooper as downstairs neighbors and Portrait been part of Mr Frank's media empire. It would also mean that Elly would make huffy comments about how she hoped that Courtney Smith had learned her lesson.