December 2nd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Unhealthy attitudes towards food: a proud Foob tradition.....

As you know, the Pattersons have always seemed to have revolting table manners. Not only do they wolf down their food at the table, they also commit the disgusting faux-pas of talking with their mouths full. They're so in love with eating like barbarians, they don't even have the decency to want to wait for someone to say Grace. Thanks to the new-runs, we know that Lynn has always had an unhealthy fixation with food. Not only did we see the Sunday strip that has Elly attack a pile of left-overs with a look than could best have been described as blind rage, she also had the strange habit of finishing her kids' left-overs out of the need to not waste food. We also have to deal with a story-arc that shows that she thinks that eating a less fattening diet is an inhuman ordeal that probably isn't worth it at a time when the diet-and-exercise industrial complex had become a part of everyday life for millions. Why this need to wolf down food as if they didn't know when they'd eat again? It probably has to do with food being one of Lynn's few sources of emotional security. A lot of emotionally-deprived people find comfort in eating and she's no exception.