December 8th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

The end of the new-runs......

As we all know, Lynn's plans for the future have a very short shelf-life. We were originally promised a world in which the characters were frozen at the age they would have been in September 2007; what was supposed to happen is that a character would see something that reminded him or her of a story-line from the past. We would then see an extended series of strips that formed what was supposedly a coherent storyline. This lasted all of three or four months because of two factors. First, the promised stories turned out to be an incoherent jumble of old strips that subverted their original intent. The second factor was her need to not have the Settlepocalypse occur off-camera. She'd forgotten to budget enough time for it before the time freeze so said freeze was supposed to happen a year later. She then changed her mind about the framing device for the reprints. She said that they'd be accompanied by new strips drawn in the old style (which actually meant new strips drawn in a travesty of the less detailed method) that expanded the plot. What that meant, of course, was not the demonstration that the Pattersons weren't the morose collection of whiners and pompous jerks the hybrid made them out to be but simply more examples of nitwit martyrdom and thick-headed selfishness. She'd also stated that she'd gradually taper of these new-runs until she was into straight reprints. Given her low tolerance for boredom, though, it should be not much of a surprise that she'll simply stop producing them right about now and complain about the haters who didn't understand the great things she was going to do.