January 14th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Stop "making sense": the problem with new-run Mike and Deanna.....

As I've said, the key problem with the new-runs is Lynn's need to reinterpret events to suit her current understanding of the world. It's bad enough that she makes the Phil and Connie saga more intolerable by shoving her own issues into the story line but her distortion of the intermittent crush that Mike had on Deanna during grade school is really painful to behold. She can't, foe instance, understand why Mike was so mean to the little girl all those years ago; she knows that they were meant to be together so that baffles her. Since she doesn't understand that little boys generally don't notice little girls unless they're more or less forced to, she instead turns Mike into a larval Anthony trying and failing to gain the attention of his Twoo Wuv. It's bad enough that a man not be able to get over the first person he ever fantasized about when he engaged in whatever term people in Milboring use to describe onanism; to have someone pine away for some little girl he knew in kindergarten is really awful.